Short Prayers for Healing and Recovery

Christians are not promised a life without trials. Many people have to face many challenges in their lives, which include trying times involving disease and sickness. Every person on earth has had the experience of being sick. It is a part of life and it can be devastating to go through. It is hard to stay positive when you feel like everything is falling apart. There are moments where we need healing and peace more than ever before. The Bible says in James 5:16-18 that Christians should pray for each other so they can be healed. Although God is the ultimate healer, praying for others is an important part of being a Christian because it shows your faith in Him to heal you or another person when they are sick or injured.

short prayers

As Christians, we should know that there is nothing too difficult for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through short prayers for healing and recovery, He has the power to heal us completely or even just make us feel better if that’s all he wants to do at the moment. As Christians, we know that faith is a major part of our lives and it’s important to have faith in order for healing to occur. That being said, there are five short prayers for healing and recovery.

Family Member Miracle Prayer for Healing

As Christians, we believe that prayer for healing is an effective way to obtain healing from our illness. Even our Lord Jesus often said that faith can heal us. When our family members are sick we often prayers for them. Here is one way to pray for your family members and loved ones.

Heavenly Father, You have been a wonderful defender and builder of a solid family bond. We trust in Your divine kindness for each member of our family, especially in these hard times we offer prayers. We sincerely request that you use your healing power to help a member of our family who is sick. Father, your Word promises healing and restoration, and I thank you for the miracles you continue to perform. Today, I’m claiming those promises for myself and my family. I believe in the powerful healing prayers and your promise to send healing to all who believe in Your Son Jesus. We hope that you start working your healing miracle on our loved ones. We promise to make known this favor to others to glorify You and will continue to praise and worship you. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen

Prayer to God for Healing

In this world full of troubles and temptations, people tend to forget that there is someone up there waiting to be called and provide comfort. We often drown with earthly things and aim for something that we think we need to be happy and complete. We may achieve success in other aspects of our life but often it’s hard to find contentment and happiness without healing our souls. When people get tired, they will realize what is lacking for them is to ask for spiritual healing. Prayers to God for healing is one way to cleanse your soul and start finding comfort in Him.

Lord, I’ve been in many trials and challenges in my life. I encountered past hurts, physical pains, emotional struggles, and conflicts with others that I was allowed to stick on. As a human who is weak and sinful, I almost filled my heart with frustrations and disappointment and forgot the wonderful blessings that you continue to provide for me. I’m approaching you now as your child, eager to hear from you and seeking heavenly healing.

There’s a lot about life that I don’t understand. But I know that you have the power to make me complete with a single touch or a single word. Please forgive my sins, cleanse me of my unrighteousness, and start healing me from the inside out. I want to walk life with you and according to your way. Give me wisdom and a heart that desires to follow Jesus and live life the way that pleases you. Take away from me all the things that aren’t pleasing before you. Make me the person the way you want. Control over my life and use it for your glory. All this I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen

Recovery Prayer for Sick

When people are sick, they constantly say a prayer for recovery. With faith, they believe that they can obtain recovery from any situations or illnesses that they have at the moment. Just like a good shepherd, we believe that the Lord is taking care of us and providing us comfort.

Jesus, you are a good shepherd. You are my shepherd. You make me rest in green pastures and lead me to a quiet river. Now that I am suffering from sickness, I believe that you will not forsake me. I ask for your comfort and healing for my fast recovery. I know you are not comfortable when your sheep is not well. Lord, I’m trusting you and asking you to make me well. And when I am recovered, give me wisdom on how to take care of my body to make it as your temple and let me live in wholeness in your glory. Help me not to cause discomfort to others as they provide care for me. Let me be a good patient until I get recovered. Your words give me strength and hope that I can surpass this bed of sickness through this recovery prayer that I keep on saying. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Healing Prayers for the Sick During this Pandemic

Lord, this pandemic is affecting individuals all around the world right now. COVID19 illness has claimed the lives of many people. We’ve all been infected with fear and anxiety. Except for you, our God, we have nowhere else to turn for support. Everything is within your control and will, and you are the most powerful. Nothing is impossible with you. We’re not sure if this situation is in line with your great plans. But whatever it is, we send our best hopes and protection to you during these trying times. We trust that we are protected in your hands, almighty Father and that only you know what is best. We hope and pray that everything goes according to plan.

We, therefore, say these healing prayers for the sick through the mighty name of Jesus. We hope that you will extend your healing hands to those who are suffering from COVID19-related illnesses and other diseases. We believe that only you can help us recover from our illness. Our faith in you will be a powerful antidote to our illness. That’s exactly what you said to the woman who touched your cloth and was instantly healed as a result of her faith.

We are like the woman who reaches out to you, expecting that you will hear our prayer and heal us with only a single word from you. Heal the sick, Lord. Show them your mercy and forgiveness. Give them another chance to serve you better and continue to glorify and worship you here on earth, together with their families and loved ones. Make them unite to praise you in sickness and in health. All these we pray with faith and trust in you. In the powerful name of Jesus, our Lord, and savior. Amen

Powerful Healing Prayer

When someone is suffering from illness, injuries, broken, or sinned, the best way to get healed is through powerful healing prayer. Remember that God is always willing to listen and provide refuge for us every time we ask for it. 

Heavenly Father, the most powerful and merciful God. Source of my hopes, strength, and joy. Have mercy on me Father, for I have sinned. I believe that your forgiveness will set me free from this situation I am in right now. I have been suffering from this (illness, injuries, brokenness, or consequence of my sin) and only you can spare me from this condition. I have faith in you Lord that you will lay your eyes of mercy upon me.

I am reaching out to you as your child, longing for your comfort and forgiveness. I will not give you any promises or bargains for my healing, but I can give you my whole trust that your plans are better than mine. I surrender everything to you because I believe that in your hand I am safe. Provide healing for my body and soul, Lord, so I may continue to serve you through people around me and glorify your name for all the good things you have done for me. Give me a chance to live my life according to your will and do the righteous thing to make me worthy of the promises of Christ. Enlightened me with your holiness and wisdom to obtain the healing that I am asking for. I ask this through Christ, our Lord, and savior. Amen

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