4 Morning Prayers to Help You Begin Your Day With Gratitude

In a world that is often filled with anxiety, depression, and stress it can be easy to forget all of the blessings that we have been given. To combat these negative feelings in our lives, many people turn towards prayer. Your day will be so much more productive and enjoyable if you start each morning by praying. Every day is a gift from God, and Christians should take the time to start each one with gratitude. For some, that means going straight into thankful morning prayers with a grateful heart. Here are four ways you can pray in the mornings: 

Pray For Your Family, Friends, And Neighbours

As a follower of God, it’s good to start your day with morning gratitude through prayer and worship by singing or listening to some praise and worship songs or simply meditating on His beautiful words. When we say our morning prayers let’s fill them with sincere gratitude prayer because of God’s faithfulness and goodness in our life.  In our prayer, we must include our family members, friends, and even our neighbors. 

Remember that family and friends are a gift from God, so pray for them, pray for their health, pray for their safety and pray for their needs, pray for their dreams and most of all pray for the family, friends, and even the neighbors who might not know who God is. As we pray, let’s try to make it specific and personal by saying their names and the struggles and conditions that they are in. Spending time praying for them is trusting them to God, that’s the best we can do for our loved ones. Some of them may be far from us, but the power of God can truly reach them and be able to touch them physically and spiritually. 

Pray For Yourself with Powerful Morning Prayer

Prayer for ourselves is not selfish, after all, prayer is not all asking for something from Him. Prayer is communion with God Himself. It’s having an intimate fellowship with God. Be thankful for every morning we have because we are still alive and it’s a gift to enjoy. When we start our day with our morning gratitude, let’s set our hearts with humbleness and thanksgiving. A prayer of gratitude opens us to positivity when it seems so difficult and impossible all things become so easy, and it becomes lighter to carry and in the end, God shows us the solution to our problems and even solves it for us. It’s good, to be honest with our feelings before God. He sees what’s in our hearts, He cares for us, He can teach us to fill our hearts with gratitude from morning till evening.

God loves to hear our thankful morning prayers, it is a step of faith that even though we don’t know what will happen the next day, we are confident God is going to do great things in our lives today. Thankful morning prayer is like an aroma pleasing to God. It feels good when we hear beautiful words from someone about ourselves, so the same thing with God. He deserves beautiful words from us. Our God loves to hear our morning gratitude, try to remember the good things He has done in our lives and we can see how our loving God works. This is what makes powerful morning prayers when there’s gratitude.

Being grateful leads us to be closer to God, and we will be able to stand over every challenge of the day. A gratitude prayer refreshes our heart to trust God fully and wholeheartedly so let’s shower ourselves with gratitude and don’t put a limit to God of our beautiful words for Him about thankfulness. He deserves our gratitude prayer and there’s always a reason to thank God every morning. 

Include Gratitude Verses in Your Morning Gratitude Prayer

To help us in remembering how and why we should be more grateful, let’s memorize some verses about gratitude that we can find in the Bible. Memorizing His words brings us closer to Him. It makes it easier for us to do what He wants because we know His likes and dislikes. God’s word will guide us in the proper direction in our lives, and if we know how to follow it, it will bring us to a better situation. Having the exact scriptures in our minds helps us to express exactly our gratitude to God. It provides us with a clear expression and meaningful connection from our heart to our words. Here are some gratitude verses that we can sing while we are praying;

Psalm 7:17

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;

    I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.

Psalm 9:1

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;

    I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

Psalm 35:18

I will give you thanks in the great assembly;

    among the throngs, I will praise you.

A Powerful Morning Prayer Includes Writing Down the Things Being Grateful For

Writing down our gratitude in our journal indicates that we don’t want to forget our victory and success. Whether it is a small or big thing that we are grateful for, we should take notes. It’s one of our ways of celebrating it. God is pleased to know the things that we are grateful for and it gives honor to God and glorifies Him. It also allows us to have a look back on the things that we received from God. This will provide you with a clear picture and the number of blessings that you received. Blessings from God are numerous to count. We only have to acknowledge them by heart and appreciation. The circumstances in our life may vary and change, the good thing is God stays the same today, yesterday, and forever.

Morning gratitude is a great way to start our day. Spend it by praying with gratitude, singing praises, and reflecting on the word of God. This will give you positivity in mind and body. Gratefulness relaxes our minds and forgets the stress. It is one way to recharge our minds and make us reborn spiritually to be prepared for the things we have for the day. This practice also means that we are giving priority to the Lord before anything else. Starting your day with the Lord will provide you security and confidence that nothing can happen throughout the day that you and the Lord cannot handle.

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