How to Express Gratitude in a Modern World

Expressing gratitude can be a simple technique with a lasting impression. It means being thankful, ready to show appreciation and returning kindness towards specific persons. There is a difference however between being thankful and grateful, thankful is a feeling whereas being grateful is an action. An example of gratitude is when you appreciate a person who cleans your house or when you acknowledge your junior at work for taking the initiative to ease the workload.  Expressing gratitude to others is a key aspect to maintaining a good relationship with those who support you. People express gratitude for different reasons, for example, if you feel inspired by something or someone and want to show how happy or optimistic they made you feel.

How to Express Gratitude

The first way you can show gratitude to others is by using statements such as; “I cannot thank you enough” or “you have my deepest thanks”, which is one of the ways you can express gratitude. You also need to carefully consider your intonation as well as a choice of words before actually saying them. This is because you need to sound thoughtful and like one who has weighed options before coming to a final decision. You can express gratitude by calling or sending a message to them, letting them know how grateful you are. When you use such words to appreciate people’s effort, they feel happy and keep improving on their daily life.

Secondly, you can express gratitude to others by sharing a list of your favorite things about them. This will make them feel better knowing that there are details about them you keep with you. While showing gratitude, provide a detailed example of the situation in order to let this person know what you are grateful for. This helps people know of their importance in your life. Telling a person how their actions towards you at a particular time is very important for their happiness and yours too. It also helps raise their self-esteem because they feel appreciated and accepted.

Showing Gratitude

Taking a moment at the end of the day to write about the things you are grateful for is also a way to express gratitude. This not only helps you appreciate yourself for things you did right but also helps you appreciate others for being part of your gratitude journey. This is also a way to back yourself up and believe in yourself because being grateful for something you have done may make you feel confident to keep walking and keep trying every day.

Time is something very precious, when we give our time to someone else, it is always a beautiful way to show gratitude. When you volunteer to help your parents with the dishes, you are showing gratitude. Another example is when you decide to volunteer to help plant flowers around your church over the weekend. This expresses gratitude in the way that you show appreciation for God’s creation and nature at large.

Express Gratitude

Showing acts of kindness to random people or people you just met is also another way of showing gratitude. This simple act of kindness has a beautiful impact on others and makes them feel happy. It also does more good for you than those you are serving. For example, standing for an older person to sit in a bus is a simple way of expressing gratitude to them and making them feel comfortable and happy.

Asking people how they are and wanting to know more about their well-being is a way of expressing gratitude. This could also be termed as not every person you come across in your daily life is usually concerned about you and wants to know how well you are handling life. Someone who comes up to you and wants to know how you are doing and offers to listen to you is actually showing gratitude. Showing concern for others makes them feel loved and helps you build a strong relationship with them. Through this, you show gratitude and also help others have a sense of belonging and also give you a sense of purpose.

Expressing Gratitude

A common way people use to show and express gratitude is by gifting others. Shopping for something, for example, a flower, and giving it to someone because they inspired you or made you feel happy is a way of showing gratitude to that person. It makes them feel how appreciated they are because you definitely took your time to think about them and thought it best to show them how much they meant to you. The fact that this person also took time to consider the best gift that would suit you and went ahead to give it to you is even appreciative enough.

Showing gratitude by not complaining even when something terrible happens and understanding that it’s natural and people make mistakes is also important. Sometimes you may feel angry about something someone did to you but the best solution is not always to complain about it. In this way, you can be grateful for what they managed to do so far and believe in them for a second chance. This way of expressing gratitude is also the same as being patient and appreciating life as it comes. When you complain, you also waste a lot of time and energy that you could have taken to do better things that could help you grow as a person.

Ways to Show Appreciation

Expressing gratitude by showing respect for those around you, through treating them with the courtesy you expect to receive. Smile, listen and be patient with them as you serve them and offer to be kind and treat people with the utmost regard. Respect is the basis of expressing gratitude because, through it, you are kind to people, polite, and serve them with the dignity they deserve. Accepting people for who they are and not discriminating against them is also a sign of respect that makes them feel appreciated.

The final way in which you can show appreciation is through listening empathetically and helping where needed. Listening without judgment, shows your appreciation for who others are. The simple act of actively listening to someone can show how much you value them. When you ask people how they are, put aside everything else you were doing, and remain attentive to whatever they have to say, it makes them feel appreciated.

In conclusion, we really do not know where we could be in 5 to 6 years to come but this should not worry us, we should simply trust in life because it brings us exactly where we need to be. This should make us express gratitude as loudly and as clearly as possible because you can never think of a better time, moment, and audience to show appreciation as when we have the moment. Live to show appreciation to people and make them feel more positive emotions through what you do either tangible or intangible. It is therefore good to show gratitude.

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