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What Are You Most Grateful for Today?


There’s always something to be grateful for each day. Being able to wake up in the morning is one. A coffee treat from a co-worker, a sunny cloudy weather, a compliment on your new red dress from your neighbor, a tap on the back by your immediate supervisor for a work you’ve done, a sumptuous meal together with your family, and a message from your best friend asking how are you are also some things to be grateful for. 


People feel and express gratitude in a multitude of ways. There’s no one way of being appreciative of all the good things around us. All it takes is to be mindful of all the positive things and noticing the rays of sunshine whether it be big or small.



Gratitude: Sounds & Verse App makes being mindful of all the wonderful things around you easier to appreciate with all its amazing features.


Enjoy these features with Gratitude: Sounds & Verse App:


Inspirational Bible Stories, Verses
and Affirmations
A Digital Copy of KJV Bible to take with you on the go
Bible Quiz/ Bible Trivia Quizzer 
Beautiful Relaxing Sounds to enjoy as you read along or help you sleep
Lovely Widget and Application Clip

“Ge Grateful in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18