Daily Bible Verses & Christian Inspiration To Express Gratitude

Your Guide to Experiencing More Gratitude. Get inspired, stay positive, visualize your goal and journal your feelings with the Gratitude app.

Live Happily Everyday by Showing Gratitude

One way to be intentional about your happiness is by being grateful to everything. Gratitude can positively impact your emotional, physical and social health.

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Journal everything that made you grateful, inspired, motivated, and learned in that meaningful moment of your life and will serve as your reminder or window to the past. Experiences that may teach, guide and help towards realization of the present moment. Gain wisdom from the Bible verses use the Gratitude journal to track progress.

I am grateful for :

01. My family
02. Roof over my head and a warm home
03. Stable career

Three things I am grateful for today:

01. Started learning a new language
02. Food on the table
03. Nice weather

Stay Positive Throughout the Day with Daily Zen

Be in control of the positivity you feel by waking up and setting the tone of each day. That is to say, we want you to be inspired. You must have the best mental, physical and psychological health every day through the easiest means possible. To clarify, Gratitude Journal app will help you experience that magical feeling without the stress of looking for a pen and paper.

Reminding Yourself to Be Grateful is One Less Stress Away!

Firstly, remembering to be grateful everyday might not be easy. However, we are here to help you. While you can get carried away with your daily activities and easily forget to be grateful for each day, Gratitude Journal has set up daily reminders to help you live a more grateful life. Above all, we are with you on this mindfulness journey to experiencing pure bliss.

Relive your Experiences with Memorable Pictures

What is a Journal without your memorable pictures? In other words, visualize your feelings and experiences anytime you read your journal. As a result, we are here to help you see a daily recollection of things you’re grateful for in order to impact your mood.

Changed your Phone? No Need to Worry!

Protect yourself from the heartbreak of losing a Journal with the backup and restore feature. In addition, we understand that you might need to change your phone. Certainly, you can back up your Journal to Google Drive with the app so that your beautiful memories are safe and intact.

Brighten Up a Loved One’s Day

Studies have shown that sending thank you cards or letters to your loved ones also makes you feel loved and relevant. For instance, it improves your self-esteem. To sum up, take a moment to thank people that have made a positively impacted you by sending them thank you cards with the app.

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