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If you’re asked about what you are grateful for today, would you have a prompt answer?

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    As we get engrossed in the everyday life activities, it's easy to be trapped into focusing on the problems and bad things in life.
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    But if you stop just to think and write down the things you really appreciate having in your life, you'll learn to appreciate life more.
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    GRATITUDE APP is a great app, in fact; as efficient and motivating as an app can get. It is aimed at helping you in your devotional practice as it is Bible - based.
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    With the Gratitude Journal App on your phone or desktop, you will be able to keep up with your daily prayers, follow the daily liturgy and even practice gratitude.
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    In it you will find daily Bible verses about family and life.
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    As the user you get a chance to experience the scripture and also plan goals in line with the Bible App's gratitude journal.
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    The gratitude journal gives a very emotional boosting approach as it helps you to feel more in tune with your feelings, experiences that are happening around you, and the challenges that you face in your life on a regular basis.

Amazing Features

Daily Scripture and Inspiration

Those who wish to read a daily verse will find the app particularly useful. The search function matches specific Scripture back to a daily prayer opportunity – an ideal way to express Gratitude for the day and it’s coming events.

Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude App has a journal function that allows users to notate their feelings, thoughts, struggles and successes that are part of the day and present moment. The app will help users learn to appriciate even small things and be grateful even in difficult times.

Build personal positivity

The day starts with how one wakes up. The Gratitude app will help you set a healthy tone for the day so you can be in the best mental, physical, psychological and Spiritual mind. Special mobile prayers accompany and complement personal daily prayers.

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    Unlock the Bible Verses Feature

    Read a Bible Verse daily to keep in touch with your spiritual side.
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    Gain access to the Bible App for daily scripture reading

    Bring study of the scripture at your finger tips as search of Scriptural verses is made easier.
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    Get the Bible Verse of the Day, Encouraging Daily Reading

    Build relationship with God and relax your restless heart and mind.
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    Encouraging Bible Verses about life - Find comfort and Hope

    Receive comfort, strength, and a reminder that God is there with you through all the ups and downs of life.

The gratitude Journal and app is a perfect avenue to thanksgiving, which is an important type of prayer to make as a Christian.
Through this, it thus promotes the development of a whole being; this is through the enabling of a more rounded spiritual, emotional and also psychological aspect of a human being, thus, through the gratitude app, you are able to get a more inward look into your life, making you to have the ‘feel-good’ experience, based on bible scriptures.

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